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Only when you know there is so much out there…you get to choose the best suited for yourself! True that! With numerous career opportunities available than ever before and multiple entry points into a career, deciding which career to choose is definitely an overwhelming experience.  How do you hit the sweet spot where your interest aligns with your career aspirations in the dynamically changing world of work? And if you do have an answer for that, how do you get there?



A space built to ease the struggle of students who are at the crossroads of decision-making for their career and for parents helping their kids identify interests. MySphere offers the best resources curated with experts’ lens to navigate the questions and uncertainty of starting on a new career path. This space welcomes beginners who want to learn new things or those who have their career path figured out and want to advance their skillset by enrolling into courses. MySphere also brings exciting happenings of college life, career trends and youngsters’ achievements through interesting reads – news posts and articles.


A space to Explore, Learn, Participate and most importantly – to make an Informed Choice so that you can start your career journey confidently. We hope you find your sphere of interest with MySphere.


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