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Coding is tomorrow’s language of creativity

Coding is tomorrow’s language of creativity. Today, we are already headed on a path towards digitalization and it won’t be an overemphasis to expect a tech-reliant world in the upcoming years. While the education curriculum throughout the globe prioritized literature in order to strengthen one’s communicative authority, similarly the future education curriculum will empower coding also as a language of communication, creativity and joy. 

With the rising awareness among the parents and students of the significance of coding as a medium, schools and colleges around the world now realize coding is no longer a nice skill for the modern world.  Even if one doesn’t need to take up a career in technology or coding, familiarity of coding and technology is an essential confidence builder for youth in the future in most careers. 

Coding clubs in schools can help create an environment of inspiration, where students are guided by mentors and learn from peers while building projects. 

Having exposure to the right technology at the right time has paved their way towards excellence, and coding clubs have played a major role in sowing the seeds of technology interest.  Lastly, especially in emerging countries like India, a lot of people misunderstand the purpose of coding clubs or coding in general. Coding isn’t about learning any programming language. Coding is a process of developing one’s logical thinking ability. A programming language is just a medium of putting ideas into a digital form, but for one to have the ideas in the first place and being logically able to frame and construct thoughts is crucial. This is where coding clubs come into play. Just like language is just a tool to know how to speak, but what to speak (thought itself) is far more important and an elocution or debating club can help enhance thought and communication, similarly the time has come for schools to setup Coding clubs ideally with mentors to give structure, so that young minds can develop their own unique thinking patterns, resulting in wonderful innovations.  


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