Curiosity Gym

Enhance your online teaching &
learning experience

Fast track the implementation of the National Education Policy at your school. Position yourself as one of the early adopters of NEP 2020 with the Curriculum-aligned Learning & Innovation Platform (CLIP) by Curiosity Gym.

Curiosity Gym’s educational content is made available  for schools through an online learning platform.

Extensive lesson plans, digital resources and teacher training modules of CLIP ensure seamless implementation of the NEP 2020 recommended student mindset paradigms for learning,

Curriculum-aligned Learning
& Innovation Platform (CLIP)

Empower teachers to engage students in online classrooms with interactive
learning assets, curated by experts over a period of five years.


For Management

Manage teacher and student course access, monitor course activity and progress


For Teachers

Conduct interactive classes using digital lesson plans with speaker notes and references


For Students

Get access to live classes, self-study material, assignments, quizzes and expert help


Offering teachers and students a
user-friendly learning environment

Periodic New Content

Subjects like STEM, Coding,
Design Thinking, Critical Thinking,
3D Printing Robotics and AI for
Grades 6-12

Teacher self paced learning

Opportunity to refurbish the
knowledge at their own pace,
interests and learning preferences

Student Interactions

Content delivery through live
classes, and support through
messaging portals and digital
discussion groups

Formative Assessments

Interactive quizzes and
assignments to continuously
monitor student learning

Automatic Grading

All assessments are auto
-graded and generate instant
student reports

Progress Reports

Comprehensive tracking of unit
completion, assessment scores
and time consumption

Progress Gamification

Students stay motivated by
earning points as they progress
through more advanced courses

Teacher Training

Pre-scheduled teacher training
modules and teacher certification
for different courses

Online Support

Get on demand, remote support
for content and learning platform
related queries

A digital learning platform aligned with the
National Education Policy (NEP 2020)

Curiosity Gym has been providing experiential learning to students through innovation hubs, courses and mentorships at prestegious schools and colleges. We now bring to you the same environment through an online teaching and learning platform.

The National Education Policy 2020 has provided the thrust to replace rote learning with concept based learning. CLIP brings a perfect solution to this, with refined educational content on a convenient delivery platform, based on teaching and learning principles outlined by the NEP.

Providing experiential learning is at the core of each lesson. The courses involve teaching methods like inquiry and discovery-based learning in order to promote skills like critical thinking and scientific temper. Learning resources for coding are designed to promote computational thinking with ease of delivery. Contemporary subjects like design thinking are incorporated to promote creativity and innovation within students.

Curriculum offered in CLIP

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  • Teacher-led Delivery
  • School & Teacher Login
  • Teacher Training and support
  • Progress Reports
  • Tests & Assessments
  • Teacher Certification

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