Curiosity Gym class at St. Mary’s School ICSE- November 2019

Providing a hands-on learning environment to students.

How a 17 YO is saving India’s corals and marine life –17th July 2019

Using 3D printing to design reefs that could be planted in the ocean bed.

Curiosity Gym Founder Girish Nair on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
Decoding Cryptocurrency – 28th September 2018

Playing a simple game may help you understand the world of virtual wealth and blockchain

Mumbai: Age no bar, walk into this 3-D printing space – 2nd September 2018

The weekly Saturday sessions see a crowd of over 15 people, sometimes couples, sometimes grandparents bringing in little ones and mostly parents joining in with their children.

Hindustan Times
Mumbaiites, find out what works for you  – 6th February 2018

As with all art, a 3D doodle can mean different things to different people. At one such session, Nair told his audience, a neurosurgeon drew a head with inter-connecting lines.

Hindustan Times
Mumbai schools teach students robotics and entrepreneurship – 3rd October 2017

Weekly session in mechatronics at Mount Litera School International

Curiosity Gym in the list of Top 21 Makerspaces in India
The Top 21 Makerspaces In India – 16th August 2017

Curiosity Gym is a DIY-oriented makerspace platform with a focus on applied learning, tinkering, prototyping and product making.

Curiosity Gym Is Where You Can Walk In And Use Your Creativity The Way You Want – 16th June 2017

Curiosity Gym is all about: a place for people of all ages to walk in and allow for the sparking of one’s own curiosity through applied learning, tinkering, prototyping or creating.

School installs 3D printed sanitary pad dispenser designed by its students – 14th June 2017

3D printing and the new forms of technology needed to be taught to children at an early age so they could adapt and create innovative products.

Curiosity Gym covered by MakerTour France– May 2017
Makerspace, design, innovation and entrepreneurship platform
3 Interesting projects from Makerspaces across India– 28th April 2017

The Journey of the Sanitary Napkin dispenser in the press.

Case for tinkering labs countrywide – 10th March 2017

The need to have Tinkering Labs and Innovation hubs in every school countrywide.

Learn how to assemble a Drone – 28th December 2016

Drones are all the rage at big events and celebrations, buzzing around over our heads and capturing fun images and videos.

Idiotware Shield: IoT for Arduino, Simplified on Crowd Supply – 21st December 2016

The board is definitely worthy, starting at $25!

IoT mailbox tell you when mail arrives – 15th November 2016

If you’re waiting for a much sought-after letter, checking your mailbox every five minutes can be a roller-coaster of emotion — not to mention time-consuming.

Makerspaces make room for learning, creativity – 5th October 2016

Across India, these spaces are offering people of all ages the opportunity to give their ideas shape and hone their craft.

Makerspaces in Mumbai are the new Hub for artists and techies – 16th July 2016

The idea of these places is to contribute towards the growth of the artist community across spectrums.

Maker Magic – 13th March 2016

The maker movement’s bringing together DIY enthusiasts of all shades from hobbyists making furniture to youngsters building satellite ground stations, drones and robots.