3 Interesting projects from Makerspaces across India– 28th April 2017

The Journey of the Sanitary Napkin dispenser in the press.


Case for tinkering labs countrywide – 10th March 2017

The need to have Tinkering Labs and Innovation hubs in every school countrywide.


Swiss Army Knife to make Arduino for IoT Simplified – Jan 2017

The Idiotware Shield is for anyone who wants to quickly bring their IoT ideas to life with minimum hassle and expense.

Learn how to assemble a Drone – 28 Dec 2016

Drones are all the rage at big events and celebrations, buzzing around over our heads and capturing fun images and videos.


Idiotware Shield: IoT for Arduino, Simplified on Crowd Supply – 21 Dec 2016

The board is definitely worthy, starting at $25!



IoT mailbox tell you when mail arrives – 15 Nov 2016

If you’re waiting for a much sought-after letter, checking your mailbox every five minutes can be a roller-coaster of emotion — not to mention time-consuming.


Makerspaces make room for learning, creativity – 5 Oct, 2016

Across India, these spaces are offering people of all ages the opportunity to give their ideas shape and hone their craft.


Makerspaces in Mumbai are the new Hub for artists and techies – Jul 16, 2016

Till a couple of years ago, when artists (read filmmakers, painters, skateboard makers) wanted experts to give a finishing touch to their creations, they had to outsource the work due to lack of resources. However, now with the emergence of makerspaces in the city, individuals can ensure that all this work can be done without burning a hole in their pocket. A relatively new phenomenon in the city, these places help to bridge the gap between technologically sound people and those with a creative bent of mind by bringing them together on one platform.


Maker Magic – Mar 13, 2016

The maker movement’s bringing together DIY enthusiasts of all shades from hobbyists making furniture to youngsters building satellite ground stations, drones and robots.



Thought cafe – Nov 14, 2015

South Bombay’s latest makerspace, Curiosity Gym, is a place open for people of all ages to tinker, make, do, listen or discuss things. You can visit to ideate and create products, irrespective of your age or field of interest, says founder Girish.