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The Innovation Hub “Maker Culture”

Curiosity Gym – a leading Edutech has been at the forefront of setting up Innovation Hubs in many schools in India. The mission is to transform education for students through experiential learning activities, where students work on project-based outcomes and pick up skills, new technologies & design thinking mindsets. The overall objective of the Innovation Hub classroom setup is to drive the Four Cs: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

The Innovation Hub is a maker space that looks like a lot of fun for students, where they can tinker with materials, build & work on projects, learn new technology, design & create, etc. 

All of this may seem like actions of play by students but has a deeper meaning. When students work with materials, they understand how best to use them, alter or use them differently. When they design or make things light up, it allows them to examine the driven world & gives the possibility of discovering or creating something new, understanding products, how things work & finding an opportunity to change, test and more.

The hub enables them to share their ideas, findings, and mistakes, apply their new knowledge to new creations, thus making learning more meaningful. It enhances soft skills—such as problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity—which are critical outcomes of experiential education. 

 At the Innovation Hubs set up by Curiosity Gym in collaboration with Smart Village Movement for rural kids at the community centre at Sohrarim and Sunei villages, Meghalaya – students are taking full advantage of the Innovation Hub. They are learning new technologies like 3D design & 3D printing, robotics, electronic circuit workings, etc.

Balamjingsuk Diengdoh, a keen learner at the lab, recently fixed his emergency home lamp by himself after it stopped working. Instead of getting it fixed outside or buying a new one, he decided to apply the knowledge & skills he learned from the many electronics & circuit sessions conducted at the Innovation Hub & excellently managed to fix his lamp. Equipped with what he learnt in class, he took ownership to solve the problem himself, and how amazingly done!

Curiosity Gym strives to impart a learning experience that sparks the hearts and minds of students, with a goal to not just make learning fun and enjoyable but also deeply productive and meaningful.

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