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C@H Courses: Working for a Better Tomorrow

It’s been more than two months since the little monster- the novel coronavirus locked us down! Amidst moments of fear and hopes, we have come a long way, staying at home to support the lockdown and make the best of this time at home. And guess what? Curiosity Gym has successfully completed 2 months of C@H online courses for kids from 3rd graders,to older students- up to 12th graders.

Our C@H courses require minimal parental supervision, keeping in mind that parents, too, could be working from home. Parents don’t need to worry about buying anything extra for the course, as the courses require minimal material, mostly available at home. Our courses cover several areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our STEM online learning is related to students’ school curricula, but takes them way beyond just the contents of the textbook through our online live classrooms. These sessions have imparted skills like learning through DIY STEM activities, problem-solving and critical thinking, all of which are essential to stand out of the crowd.

Along with science, it is technology which is helping us largely in fighting this epidemic, right from research on vaccines, to designing 3-D printed masks,shields for our frontline workers and apps. to stay updated on the COVID-19 epidemic. Through our online coding courses like Product design and 3-D printing, MIT app inventor, Scratch and Artificial Intelligence, our C@H learners have climbed the 1st rung of the ladder and will be scaling new heights to work at the roots of unprecedented problems like the COVID-19 and provide brilliant technological solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

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