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Students’ interests and career choices keep changing in this fast-changing world. Many are confused about which career they are inclined towards. Some remain indecisive looking at numerous career options while others do not know of the available career choices.

Students who are at an age where they need to start thinking about their career, do not have clarity on how to choose a suitable career based on their skills and interests. Even those who inherently know of their inclination – and are ready to work on developing a foundation, may not know what exactly needs to be done to prepare themselves for their desired career choice.

Most students and their parents are not career-conscious through their school/college years. Not being aware of students’ learning journeys, interests and career inclinations also adds to the confusion. 

Based on the academic records, accomplishments and artifacts of extracurricular activities, it could become easier to find out the interest areas, strengths and weaknesses of a student. Over time, all these artifacts get difficult to trace since they are scattered somewhere in files, photos on a drive, unorganized, and eventually a huge task to stitch them together into a story of accomplishments when they are most needed for college admissions or job opportunities. 

Wouldn’t it be great if students could develop career-consciousness at the right age? What if students get introduced to various careers while they are still exploring choices? Can we help them in this transitional phase – from education to career launch? How can data from a student’s learning journey be used to make an informed career choice?

Taking into consideration these important questions, MySphere offers a set of tools, content and services to help students towards career readiness.

A students’ learning journey matters so much. MySphere can help capture learning experiences throughout their student life – that could help pave the path towards their careers. By having a milestoned and timelined learning journey over a period of time visible to themselves and to the outside world of colleges, internships and job providers when needed – can help crystallize a student’s journey for all stakeholders.  

MySphere is a career prep platform for students to create their profiles and build their portfolio in a safe space. A platform where students can learn about different career paths and curated courses to make an informed career choice.

  • With MySphere, students can capture details of their student life, including accomplishments, skills, and interests in their profile.
  • They can add their best project work to their student portfolio, including photos, videos, and key learnings to showcase it for awards and college admissions.
  • Students can build a dynamic CV enriched with multimedia elements, customisable and auto-updated, that bring students’ learning to life.

Through the curated repository of career paths, students can get introduced to various conventional and emerging career options. After exploring, students can identify whether a particular career is of interest to them or not.

  • High school and college students can benefit from the tools, content and services of MySphere
  • Parents of young students can capture their children’s best work and accomplishments
  • Educators can use this tool to showcase their students’ learning outcomes and projects that they have mentored

The motto of MySphere is ‘Make your own world’. Mysphere is based on the philosophy to enable students to build their own world – starting from building their portfolio, exploring different career paths or courses – and getting career advice from various professionals from different spheres. MySphere is a place where users can create and live in their ‘own world’ and be immersed in what truly interests them by customising their interest community, career path, portfolio and identity. A space where students can learn from others and share with others. 

With our innovative features, MySphere is all set to help students become career-ready.

MySphere Offerings

We invite students, parents and educators to become part of MySphere

Here’s wishing the very best to all students. Go “make your own world”. 

Originally published at on March 25, 2022.

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