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Is coding necessary for children to learn?

Do kids need to learn music? The answer is, yes, it would be nice if everyone learned music. Does it mean that everyone has to learn music – the answer is no.

Do all kids have to take part in sports – the answer is yes, it would be ideal if they do, but it is not necessary.

So then, what about learning Coding? Hundreds of years back, before people learned to read, did they need to know how to read or write? 

Similarly, Coding, in some ways, is the alphabet of technology. We may learn different languages like Spanish, Hindi or English. We need not be expert speakers, but for example – to live in India, ideally, we need to know Hindi.

So knowing that Coding is the language of technology, how do you get children not to fear technology? Not fearing technology means understanding how to use technology. Do you need to know how a car works when driving a car? The answer is no – 95% of drivers do not understand how a car works; they only know how to drive a car. 

Every one of us is a user of technology. But how do you move from a User to potentially being a Creator of technology or an advanced user?

Coding is one of those things that help you to use technology effectively and also be a creator of technology, since we live in a technology-driven world.

Understanding technology & understanding what Coding is about can be done in several ways. To begin with, you don’t need a computer to understand the concepts. You need to learn the logic of how things are put together to work in a certain way, understand the logic & the sequence of events. Coding is essentially a set of logical instructions you give a computer.

At what age should Coding be introduced?

This largely depends on the mindset of parents. There is no right or wrong answer, but one should check the child’s aptitude. Children should not be pushed to learn it. If the child shows an aptitude to learn Coding, they should be exposed to it. If they like it – they should pursue it.

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

– Stephen Hawking

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