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How to become an Archaeologist?

Domains in Archaeology

As we move ahead, we will discuss what an archaeologist does and how to become one.

What does an archaeologist do?

Many seek, some discover!

It’s the possibility of finding something that keeps them going. The work of archaeologists is never about one thing or one find. It’s about what it means as a whole. It’s always about setting your find into context for a fuller picture of the past. Sure they find some unexpected things on the dig. While doing so, they are also creating a little bit of history for everybody to use.

A career in this field allows you to become a part of discoveries that shed light on human civilization. Through their research studies on artefacts, building ruins, tools and paintings they explain how human civilisation has evolved.

Where do archaeologists work?

Archaeology has always been a fascinating subject as it tells us how the world has evolved for hundreds of years. Most of us has this impression of Archeologists working at a dig site. They get the experience of different cultures, different environments and different countries. 

Here we describe some of the work settings where one may work as an Archaeologist: 

  • Fieldwork at dig site:

    Archaeologists participate in the excavation activities. The dig sites may be at different locations as per the national and international projects. Often archaeologists may have to travel; frequently and stay at the dig site till the excavation project completion. These excavation and preservation projects are backed by national and international organisations for preserving, discovering and decoding ancient artefacts and inscriptions.

  • Teaching at university:

    One can become an archaeology professor at the University post completing the PhD degree. Postgraduate archaeologists can opt for lectureships in universities and colleges. One could be into archaeological research and teach students at the institute when possible. 

  • Research in the laboratory:

    Archaeologists analyse the recovered artefacts and remains from the dig site in a laboratory setting. They study and document their findings to get the relevant information. 

  • Guide at the museum:

    As a guide, one describes artefacts on display, helping visitors see ancient history through their eyes. A guide can also be involved in writing scripts for tours and various other presentations.

  • Office:

    The deskwork of an archaeologist consists of assessing the feasibility of an excavation site, checking historical records and making recommendations based on them which help understand whether the site under consideration contains important artefacts. One can work for a private company or government regulatory body.

How to become an archaeologist

How to start preparing for a career in archaeology?

Becoming an archaeologist takes formal education, reading, training, patience and persistence. If you are inclined towards archaeology, you need not wait until you enrol yourself in an archaeology course. 

Aspiring archaeologists can start right now through their schooling and college years. Now you may be wondering how is that possible? It is possible by studying relevant subjects such as history, anthropology, civics, geography, chemistry, biology and even languages. The knowledge gained by studying these subjects will only help you when you start your journey in the archaeology field.

Along with education and training, there are some skills one shall try to instill if being an archaeologist is on one’s mind. Here we present some ways to help you gain skills such as attention to detail, teamwork skills, patience and observation skills that will prove to be your asset as an archaeologist. One of the important things is to be excessively curious and keep learning all the time.

Start preparing for a career in archaeology

Begin archaeology

Introductory resources talk about what an archaeology career looks like. This section also has resources on the opportunities and challenges in this field. The listed YouTube channels keep you updated about ongoing work from the world of archaeology. If you wish to pursue archaeology as a career, it is advisable to opt for Humanities in Class 11th and 12th. To build a foundation for a career in the archaeology field, knowledge of subjects such as Sociology, History and Anthropology, etc., is required.


Our collection of Books talks about forgotten things, stories from lost cities and introductory lessons of archaeology. Some books may inspire you to learn more and some may give you a head start to enter this field. You can also browse through these Magazines and Periodicals to keep yourself updated about this interdisciplinary field.


As an archaeologist, one needs to collaborate with fellow archaeologists. Often, discussion with like-minded people on the subject can spur your interest in the field. You can join Associations and Communities to connect with such people interested and get some insights from them. You can learn more from these Notable Personalities in archaeology and get inspired by their work.  


This section has a collection of curated Free Video Courses that entails lecture collection and tutorials for beginners. If learning through free courses interests you and you wish to enhance your knowledge, head on to these Online Courses and On-campus Courses.

Let us know if you find these resources helpful and what else you would like us to list here in the archaeology career path.

Originally published on on February 20, 2022.

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