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Curiosity Gym – We are up and running

We launched Curiosity Gym at a permanent location in Fort, Mumbai last week with an Open House. We had been running summer camp workshops on Drone Making, Design Thinking and 3-D printing and Arduino, in a school and a business centre prior, but this was the launch of our first publicly accessible location. After working on the furniture, several interesting projects and hiring prior to the launch, and an Open House with about 25 attendees and a few immediate signups for Whyer membership seemed like a great start.

During the Open House, we showcased our drone, 3D printing, a Supply Chain IOT tile solution which we had developed for a Hackathon recently, a gesture controlled robot and several other interesting projects. We also introduced the audience to the concept of Curiosity Gym – of being a place for people of all ages to come tinker, make, design, think and discuss on topics related to STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math).

We have had the feeling for a long while, that a place to go to, so as to get help on an idea or a project, be guided and exposed to people of different backgrounds and ages, and an association of novices, amateurs and experts in different fields was much missing in Mumbai and actually most places in the world. Curiosity Gym has been setup to address this need felt by many.

So, whether you are a student needing some help on a project, wanting to learn why or how something works and would like to build your own device/drone/train or anything else, a youth looking to find your career by meeting with people who have done something in your prospective field before or a budding entrepreneur looking for mentoring help on design or manufacturing or marketing or scaling your startup or a stay at home mom, business person or a retiree looking to learn some new technology and meet interesting people, Curiosity Gym is a place to come to.

While there are Gyms for exercise of the body and temples for your religion and other organisations to find your spirit, Curiosity Gym is a place for you to catalyse your own curiosity and imagine your next question. And yes, in case you were wondering what a Whyer is, we call people who have curiosity and would like to sign up to being part of a regular at Curiosity Gym, a Whyer.


See more Photos from our Open House Album on the Curiosity Gym Facebook page.

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