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Complete Guide to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Being a Digital Marketer is not just staying on the top of social media. Instead, it means wearing multiple hats and having a creative approach when launching your brand in the market. Here is an excerpt from an interview with the Marketing Director of Pizza Hut, India conducted by ‘Advertising and Media Insider’ during the pandemic. 

“Q. What is your marketing strategy right now? How have you been trying to continue building a connect with your audience?

“These are uncertain times and consumers are expecting their concerns to be echoed in a relevant manner by brands that they rely on. We want consumers to uphold their trust in Pizza Hut; hence our marketing strategy is to be open about the safety and hygiene protocols being followed by the brand. We have been transparent about how the food is prepared, packed and delivered via our oven-to-doorstep Contactless Process, which in turn gives much needed assurance to customers that the food they are consuming has not been touched by any other hand.

We have also been running our #QualityTimeNotQuarantine campaign since the start of the lockdown to communicate the importance of staying indoors and urge people to look at the brighter side of being at home for an extended period. We even launched pizza-themed wallpapers to make video chats even more delightful and memorable.”

The answer highlights different aspects of Marketing. Can you try to enlist them? 

Let us help you here. Things kept in mind while marketing: 

  • To build trust in the brand
  • Transparent regarding the process – safety and hygiene
  • Assurance to customers highlighting Contactless Process (essential in pandemic)
  • Awareness through the campaign

Hence happy customers!

This is marketing in a nutshell.

For those interested in a few more ways of marketing, here is a case study talking about the marketing mix and analysis of Pizza Hut.

From the above example, it is evident that there are different types of digital marketing. Since digital marketing is a trending career in 2021, choosing a career path is a daunting process with a plethora of information available. You’re supposed to find something you enjoy while also considering factors such as long-term job security and supporting the overall lifestyle you desire. When you consider the prospects in this dynamic profession, you’ll notice that the digital marketing job outlook is nothing but excellent and will remain so.

As we discuss the digital marketing career path, you will realize that this industry values diverse skill sets, from creativity, critical analysis to technical know-how, making you wonder what a career in digital marketing looks like? And if you do wish to get into it, then what can you do? 

Let’s begin understanding the basics.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an ever-changing, creative, and strategic profession that is required in all industries. Many online strategies fall under this digital marketing umbrella term that companies use to identify, build and target an audience to turn them into customers. Digital marketing, in practice, refers to marketing initiative campaigns that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or other devices. It can take various forms, such as online video, display ads, search engine marketing, sponsored social ads, and social media posts. It is frequently contrasted with ‘conventional marketing’ methods such as magazine advertisements, billboards, and direct mail.

Here is a link to the history and evolution of digital marketing, in case you are wondering how and when digital marketing started.  

Do you want to work in such a fast-growing business where competent professionals and dedicated individuals with a strong desire to learn are both in great demand? A profession that allows you to work in-house or for an agency allows for remote work and freelancing? 

Then digital marketing may be the right option for you.

Intrigued already?

As a beginner, to better understand this field, here are some of the recommended introductory resources.

What does the job market say?

The industry is brimming with prospects for creative professionals; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of marketing jobs will grow by 8% between 2018 and 2028, significantly higher than the 5% average anticipated for all occupations. But where would these opportunities take aspiring marketers? What precisely does a digital marketing professional path entail?

This piece will talk about several specialities and explain how you may get started on your own digital marketing career path. 

What are the types of digital marketing?

Whatever path you decide, you can be sure that you’ll constantly learn and grow in this field. There are going to be newer opportunities and challenges as the internet changes the decisions of people. Are you the type of person who can adapt to change quickly, is determined about learning and exploring new things, and communicates well with people?  

 If your answer is yes, read on to know other aspects of this career path. 

Types of digital marketing

What does a digital marketer do?

Given that the digital landscape changes so quickly, your career in digital marketing will be intriguing. You’ll always have something new to learn, a new update to master and a fresh approach to try. Wouldn’t it be great to know some notable personalities and learn from their journey in the field? That’s thrilling for some, exhausting for others. Check out a day-in-the life of a digital marketer

Digital marketing necessitates a combination of diverse and challenging skills. To be a successful digital marketer, you require both technical and soft skills. 

Digital Marketing Career

How to start a career in digital marketing?

If you’re starting your career in marketing, these free video courses are a great place to start. The best part is you can learn digital marketing from plenty of options available online. 

Remember, knowledge, talent, and a drive to learn are valued by most employers far more than academic credentials. To thrive in this industry, one should be a life-long learner. The first step here: read as much as you can. That being said, here are a few excellent magazines and periodicals that are worth reading. If you find joy in learning through books, we have curated a bunch of books

Where to get training for digital marketing?

At this point, you might be already considering taking this career path. The required skill-set can be learned through the resources mentioned earlier (formal training wouldn’t hurt, though). So have a look at these online courses and degree programs to strengthen your knowledge.

Things to consider while selecting digital marketing online course

  • Have a clear objective – Determine what you want from an online course. Are you looking to hone your present talents or start a completely new career? Do you want general knowledge or do you want to specialize in one skill set?
  • Evaluate the course creator’s expertise – Digital marketing fields include SEO, social media, and email, to name a few. If the course provider is well-known in their industry, frequently referenced on blogs, and retweeted, there’s a good probability they know what they’re talking about.
  • Look for real-world application – Is the course intended to provide you with projects to work on? An excellent course should include hands-on tasks that allow you to put your knowledge into action.
  • Ask about career opportunitiesBut it can be hard to break into the industry without a helping hand. Prioritize courses that will either a) individually assist you in being placed in your new career or b) at the very least give you a foundation for securing your first job.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”–Seth Godin, Bestselling Author and Blogger

So to tell your story and take the brand to market, along with knowledge and skill-set, you will need your weapons. Explore these tools and apps and get ready to make an entry into the field. 

Learning from the digital professional community

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”  Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

As said rightly, this advice is so relevant in today’s digital marketing landscape. Consumers are tech-savvy and are aware of most of the digital marketing tactics. As a modern digital marketer, one needs to find ways where marketing is just like a conversation. It is worth being part of such discussions and getting insights from marketing professionals. Where can you find them? You can join associations and communities to stay updated about tricks of the trade.

What you can do with a marketing career?

Digital marketing is a key component of practically every company’s overall marketing strategy. 

How to get a job in digital marketing: 

  • Gain digital marketing experience through an internship
  • Publish an online portfolio and participate in events and competitions
  • Get published on social media platforms to increase visibility

Jobs for Digital Nomads

“When I hire marketers, the number one thing I look for is how creative they are, because without that they won’t ever be great.” Neil Patel

Developing expertise in one or more areas can help you advance in your digital marketing profession. Let’s take SEO career in digital marketing as an example – it might involve a number of entry-level, mid-level, and senior responsibilities.

  • Entry-Level – SEO Specialist
  • Mid-Level – SEO Manager
  • Senior – Digital Marketing Director

Digital marketing has specialities. The career path of each of them is explained here in detail. Deciding which career path to choose can be confusing at times. At such times, it’s always helpful to have all resources in handy to make an informed choice. Head to the career path in digital marketing to explore the top-notch resources curated by us. 

It might be intimidating to begin, but with constant work, willingness to learn and a lot of curiosity, you can establish a great career in digital marketing. 

Originally published at on December 14, 2021.

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