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July 2022

Why Do We learn?

Surprisingly, one goes through life without inquiring about this question, as we are shuffled from class to class, school to college, and then college to jobs incessantly. Never pausing to inquire or discover our true context around learning and the outcome one expects from one’s academic endeavours. This obliviousness is surprising in hindsight but completely […]

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The End Of Exams?

It is no secret that India’s education system needs a revolution. From a syllabus deficient in holistic development to the inability to train a majority of the teachers sufficiently, the problems are crucial. These problems got further aggravated during the pandemic, with online learning not being feasible for everyone. However, amidst it all, there was

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How can your portfolio help contribute to your development as a student?

Students take part in multiple activities throughout their school and college years. Some are more focused on academic projects, while some find their creative juices flowing in extra-curricular activities, competitions and hobby-based activities. In all this, students learn by doing, improve from failures, experience success, and share their ideas and thoughts with peers, teachers and

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Student Portfolio as an assessment tool

Teachers and educators use a variety of approaches to evaluate students. Standardised tests are not enough as they capture only surface-level knowledge. How these assessments can be made more meaningful is constant question educators are seeking an answer to.  “Teachers must center their instruction around these standards because they are accountable for their students’ preparation

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Top Questions & Answers about the Student Portfolio

Student portfolios are a tool to both generate and document learning,” according to the authors (Basken, 2008). Documenting the learning process is vital since the process that occurs in learning is frequently overlooked. When students create digital portfolios, they have a place to examine their work, reflect on it, and make connections between various but

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