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Ignite Your Robotics Genius with the MoonRover Competition!

Join us in a journey inspired by Chandrayaan-3 and win fantastic prizes!

About the competition

Welcome to the MoonRover Competition, where innovation and creativity meet robotics excellence! In the spirit of Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant mission to the moon, we invite you to aim high and conquer the world of robotics. 

Who can participate – Students ages 12 to 18 years

1st Prize

1st Prize

₹ 10,000/- voucher
2nd Prize

2nd Prize

₹ 5,000/- voucher
3rd Prize

3rd Prize

₹ 3,000/- voucher


All entries to be submitted Online

Why Participate?

How to participate?

Option 1
DIY Robotics Enthusiasts

Own Robotics Kit & have a passion for programming? Choose this option!

Enter the competition & showcase your skills by completing the challenges. The competition entry fee is minimal, providing you with an opportunity to demonstrate your robotics prowess and win big!

Deadline to participate for option 1 is 1st November 2023.

Competiton entry fee: Rs 999/- only

Option 2
Access Robotics Kit

No Robotics Kit but posess programming skills? Select this choice!

Curiosity Gym presents the unique CuroBot kit, specially designed for this competition. You can use our CuroBot kit to enter the competition and conquer the challenges.

Deadline to participate for option 2 is 15th October 2023.

The kit fee is Rs 3,999, but here’s the exciting part – your competition entry fee is absolutely FREE! It’s an incredible chance to showcase your programming skills.

View Kit

*The kit will be couriered within 7 working days.

Option 3
Robotics Learning Experience

New to robotics? Choose the CuroBot kit + customised course by Curiosity Gym

For those who want to start their robotics journey from scratch, we offer the CuroBot kit along with a customized robotics course at Curiosity Gym. This option allows you to learn robotics in a structured environment and then put your newfound skills to the test in the competition.

For more details on the course & kit, please click here.

Deadline to participate for this option is 5th October 2023.

Batch begins 7th Oct 2023.

Minimum quorum needed to start the batch is 5. Open to students in Mumbai only

Participants will receive the kit on the first day of the class.

The kit and course package is available at a fantastic price of Rs 6,999. What’s more, your competition entry fee is entirely FREE!

View Kit

Steps to participate?

Select Option

Choose between DIY Robotics, Access to Robotics Kit, or Robotics Learning Experience options.
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Step 01


Register to sign up for the competition.
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Step 02

Get Your Kit

If you've chosen Option 2 or 3 above, we'll deliver the CuroBot kit to your doorstep.
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Step 03

Build & Program

Use your skills and creativity to build and program your robot.
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Step 04

Complete Challenges

Take on the exciting challenges and demonstrate your robotics expertise.
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Step 05

Submit Entry

Follow the submission guidelines and upload your entry for judging.
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Step 06

Judging Criteria

The challenge will be judged by the Curiosity Gym team.  

Evaluation criteria & scoring shall be disclosed on the challenge reveal date & shared via email to registered participants.

The decision made by the judges will be final & binding. The winners will be announced via email. In the event there are not enough eligible entries, not all prizes will be awarded.


Navigate the lunar surface based on the following constraints, in the shortest possible time.

The competition mat, technical details & arena information,  will be shared to all registered participants via email as per the challenge reveal date.


  1. Black line follower:

    The robot must follow the black line as shown on the competition mat. 

  2. Obstacle Detection /Avoidance:

    The robot must avoid obstacles in its path & navigate to reach the end destination, in the shortest possible time.

    Obstacles must be placed on the designated positions as shown on the competition mat.

  3. Crater Detection:

    The robot must avoid all craters ( there shall be a minimum of 3) and pits on the Lunar surface, and effectively navigate the given route,  by avoiding those. *Craters are identified on the mat as black surfaces.

Since this is a virtual competition, you can participate & compete from anywhere in the world, and submit your entry via an online portal – MySphere. The following submissions are important to qualify your entry:-

  1. Video of the fully completed challenge using the provided competition mat.
  2. The code file of the robot uploaded in pdf format.

Detailed submission steps & guidelines shall be made available on the challenge reveal date & shared via email.

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