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Sustainable Development Goals

Want to work on a project in line with the UN sustainable development goals? Need help with your idea? If you’re unsure of a specific project, that’s fine too. Register below and we can start brainstorming.

Food Security & Nutrition

Every year, around 9 million people in the world die of hunger. At the same time, it is sad to see tons of food getting wasted in public gatherings, restaurants and spoilage. Any way to solve this major imbalance in production, distribution and consumption of food? What are the hurdles in crop management and food preservation that cause spoilage? Do you want to change this picture so that no one sleeps hungry and no one remains under-nourished? If yes, we present mentorship opportunities on zero hunger, food security and improved nutrition. We will provide you with the necessary mentoring and guidance on possible approaches, resources and testing your solution.


It may be rightly said, ‘health is wealth’. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown where we stand in terms of healthcare. It has reminded us of the importance of prioritizing health care, not just at community level, but also at the personal level. Unfortunately, poverty, little awareness of health and hygiene and high costs of certain healthcare facilities make it nearly impossible for many to ensure healthy lives. Do you think you can offer low-cost, eco friendly or technological solutions to ensure healthy lives and well-being in the society? We offer mentorship opportunities for the same, where we can help you define a problem on healthcare and deliver realistic solutions. You might also become an inspiration to many who want to bring out a change in the healthcare system.

Climate Change

Do you remember Greta Thunberg, a fearless, school-going girl who inspired many, young and old, with her speech where she asked global leaders at the UN Climate meeting “How dare you?” Greta’s question is very relevant as we see the disastrous consequences of destructive human activities on nature- the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic gripping the world, locust-attacks in several parts of the countries, bushfires and droughts in certain parts of the world. However, a major decline in emissions all over the world and the air quality improving dramatically after many countries went into lockdown, shows how badly humans were destroying nature. Climate crisis is a major problem the world is grappling with for decades. Would you like to be a Climate Warrior, just like Greta? Then, our mentorship opportunity is the ladder to scale the heights of Climate Action strategy.

Water Management & Sanitation

“Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” not just a line from a poem anymore. It is a reality that has been hitting different parts of the world. On one hand, while floods wreak havoc in many cities in India, other parts receive extremely scanty rainfall, affecting every activity in drought-struck regions. As if the water crisis is not enough, the management of sanitation poses other challenges, including life-threatening conditions to sanitation workers. This becomes a double-edged sword during floods, jeopardizing the whole drainage system and leaving entire communities vulnerable to water-borne diseases. If you would like to solve these problems then our mentorship could offer you an opportunity to help achieve this goal of sustainable management of water and sanitation.

Sustainable Energy

Even today, nearly 6 lakhs villages and 200 million people in India lack access to electricity. Power cuts at our homes test our patience and show us how much we are dependent on electricity. So, we can imagine what many families would be missing due to a lack of electricity. On one hand, schools are going online and will start implementing hybrid or blended learning strategies, and on the other hand students without access to electricity and digital platforms are going to miss out on education to a great extent. Why should they struggle for a basic need? How can we enable them to learn through online platforms? Can we come up with a plan to provide solutions on using maximum renewable energy resources in remote places? We have come across these solutions through movies and advertisements. It is time we think on how we can actually transform them from reel to real.

Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Ever since the COVID-19 has struck, environmentalists have sounded the alarm that if we keep destroying wildlife, there are going to be more pandemic outbreaks in the future. Destruction of terrestrial ecosystems increases our risk of contracting animal-borne diseases. These animals frequently come in contact with humans, either because they are consumed as food, or in search of a suitable habitat. It is not just the pandemic we are facing currently. There is also a steep decline in the population of several wildlife species. The fruits and vegetables we eat would be difficult to grow in the near future if we do not restore the habitats of natural pollinators like bees. Certainly, a lot needs to be done, beyond simply preaching textbook content. If you can sense the urge to solve this problem, we can provide you with the necessary resources and mentoring to bring out a feasible solution to save the coming generation from fighting another pandemic.

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