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Coding for the Pandemic

Are you interested in a programming project? A wave of coding applications have surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re unsure of a specific project, that’s fine too. Register below and we can start brainstorming.

COVID-19 Dashboard

We know how important decisions regarding this pandemic are taken on the basis of real time data. In such cases the analysis of the virus is very important.

In this project you will learn to create a live dashboard using real time published API’s, for COVID-19, with which you can visualize and analyze live data updates, at any level of detail from building to city to country.

Marketplace App

Create a marketplace application that can match consumer requirements with the products and services from sellers. The program has customizable logic where fields and attributes for different types of marketplaces can be easily configured.

Mask Checker using AI

The current pandemic situation demands many government policy interventions but it is difficult to track how people are responding to it. For example, people violating safety rules like wearing masks in public places. This can be handled with the help of technology like robotics and AI.

This project uses image recognition using Python programming to identify the people not wearing masks in unit time. These can be integrated with security cameras in pubic places and help the authorities make informed decisions.

Micro Website Programming

During the pandemic many industries are struggling without the skills of digitization. Would you like to help out small and local businesses?

We can mentor students to develop simple web pages or websites using Python-Django framework. These micro-sites can be provided to local entrepreneurs, enabling them to continue their jobs and serve the community.

Head Tracker for Kiosks

Using self-service kiosks and touch screens in public spaces can be risky to come in contact with and this makes users anxious.

Learn how to use underlying Open CV based head-tracking solutions, for self service solutions. With this, the user can just do head movements to select options on a kiosk at airports for check in, access control for corporate, ATM banking services and more.

Healthcare Data Insights

No access to doctors, or feeling unwell? Use publicly available anonymous data-sets to develop models that predict the onset of some diseases.

This works by taking a simple quiz, which you answer to input your data. The machine learning model can then predict your health status, with a probabilistic approach.

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