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Is your school NEP 2020 ready?

Curiosity Gym provides a one-stop solution to enable schools to implement the NEP 2020 effectively!

Curiosity Gym's one-stop solution

Curiosity Gym’s interventions that can make schools NEP ready include teacher training and certification with ready-made lesson plans for an experiential STEM-aligned curriculum, student assessments and a student portfolio platform.

Teacher Training

With certification and unlimited access to detailed lesson plans


Comprehensive modules on STEM topics to create an experiential learning environment

Skill Education

Encourage scientific inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and digital literacy

Student Portfolio

A digital platform for students to showcase their learning journey, achievements, projects, work experience, etc.

How can you implement NEP?

FastTrack NEP 2020 implementation at your school with Curiosity Gym’s Solutions

What do you need?

Any Classroom/Lab OR a dedicated space

One Hour per week per student across a year within a school timetable

Computer lab with internet

Dedicated teacher(s) to deliver the curriculum

What do you receive?

Year long curriculum – STEM aligned ready lesson plans

Robust Teacher Training Program

Access to Student Digital Portfolio Platform

Lab Setup – Kits and equipments to support the curriculum

Aligns with NEP recommendations on

Atal Tinkering Labs

Skill Development Subjects

NEP aligned experiential learning curriculum

Curriculum Highlights

  • Customised solutions for schools to adapt different STEM subjects aligned with the CBSE/ ICSE syllabus
  • Developed by qualified experts from IIT, Homi Bhabha Centre  for Science Education (TIFR), Stanford
  • Follows experiential learning pedagogy (NEP Para 4.6)
  • Inquiry-based learning that fuels curiosity and problem-solving
  • Emphasis on child-led, fun learning experiences
  • Supports competency-based learning
  • Includes Introduction to contemporary subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking (NEP Para 4.24)

Subject Highlights

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