Curiosity Gym


1 hour a day | Grades 9-12 | Duration: 12 sessions


Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that integrates biology with information technology, statistics, modelling and several others. Decoding genes and proteins has helped humans zoom in at the ‘blueprints’ of several life-forms, from pathogenic micro-organisms to endangered mammals. 

Bioinformatics makes it possible to unravel secrets of many of these organisms. Today, a huge diversity of organisms exist on earth, which are yet unexplored. Bioinformatics can equip us with knowledge and tools to solve real-life problems like find cures for deadly infections, harness some useful microbes for essential products like vitamins, insulin etc. and help conserve our rich ecosystems.


Understanding DNA

Learn how the code of life – DNA is translated into proteins and the characteristics of genetic code.

Gene & Protein Sequences

Explore online tools for obtaining gene and protein sequences to understand evolution in organisms.

Mutations & Evolution

Understand how changes in gene sequences can lead to mutations and diversity in various organisms.

Applications & Careers

Explore career options linked to health care, diagnostics, drug development, forensics and evolutionary sciences.


  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Zoom Application downloaded on computer based on OS  (click here to download)
  • Headphones with mic (optional)


  • 12 sessions 
  • 1 hour sessions every week
  • Min quorum needed – 5 students

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