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Python Programming Camp

Python Programming

5 Day Camp – 3 Hours a day
Age Group: Grade 8 to Grade 12

DIY Summer Camp

5 Day Camp – 2 Hours a day
Age Group: Grade 4 to Grade 7

Not able to find what you are looking for? We can also arrange workshops according to your requirements on the following topics:

3D Printing & Doodling

Across the world, companies are increasingly relying on 3D printing for accelerated product development. Come join our pioneering 3D Printing workshop in Mumbai where we teach youngsters and adults alike the fundamentals of 3D Design using various software tools, train in 3D printer usage and even help designers and innovators with Rapid Prototyping and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design. If you are an artist looking to experiment with another medium, or enthusiast out to learn the next new thing, then come to 3D Doodle with us. One of the first makerspaces to offer a Doodling workshop in Mumbai, we have taken this offering to schools as part of our Innovation Hub programs.    

3D Printing
3-months certificate course on robotics


2018 was declared as the Year of the Robot. In line with worldwide trends, we offer Robotics and Advanced Robotics workshops for students of all ages. Researched and designed in-house, our line of robots use multiple materials and involve the use of 3D printing, making them the perfect educational toy. So if you are interested to learn robotics from the basics or know how to make a robot but would like to translate this knowledge into a socially relevant robotics project come to our robotics workshop in Mumbai located at Fort.  Robots used include robots made on an Arduino platform or a Lego platform. Students can also be mentored in robotics so as to be able to participate in robotics contests and robot competitions like FRC, FLL, WRO.

Python Programming

One of the top ten computer languages to learn, Python can be used for coding simple school projects to complex AI algorithms and NLP applications. If you are new to programming or already know python programming but would like to work on socially relevant projects, meet and discuss your needs with our mentors who have years of experience of working at top global companies and in educational projects at all levels.


Arduino and IoT (Internet of Things)

An open-source hardware prototyping and hobbyist platform, the Arduino is must know for all those interested in the Internet of Things (IoT), Home Automation, Robotics or STEM projects. Not just for adult hobbyists, we conduct Arduino workshops and IoT workshops for students as young as grade 6. Through constructivist pedagogy, we ensure that they are able to learn IoT and learn Arduino through experimenting, failing and debugging, till they are able to master the principles and work on more complex independent projects.

Makeathon – Hackathon

Curiosity Gym launched Mumbai’s first Makeathon for school students. Based on topics around STEM and coding, the event involved prototyping, gadget-making, game programming, robot building and was a runaway success. Following on its heels, CG has been conducting annual Game Design and Hackathons contests in schools. Participating in such contests will encourage more students to explore engineering as a career choice based on interest rather than marks.