Upcoming Events at Curiosity Gym

Machine Learning: Basics & Current Challenges

Machine Learning

Join us for an exciting talk on Machine Learning by Ayesha Bajwa!

Ayesha is a recent graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SB 2018, MEng 2019), where she studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence.
She is passionate about applying technical solutions to real-world problems, as well as the democratization of new technologies.


When – Saturday 24th August (4pm – 6pm)
Where – Curiosity Gym Office, Fort, Mumbai

All about DNA

Cover photo - Think like a bio-technologist summer camp

At this camp, students will understand the structure of DNA by building a DNA model. By performing a hands-on activity that simulates the process of DNA isolation from any living organism, they will be able to understand the mechanism and role of every component of the DNA isolation process.

5 Day Camp – 3 Hours a day
Age Group: Grade 9 to Grade 12


Python Programming Camp

Python Programming

Join this 5-day Python Programming Camp at Curiosity Gym and learn syntax, algorithms, data structures, arrays and design your own calculator.

5 Day Camp – 3 Hours a day
Age Group: Grade 8 to Grade 12


DIY Summer Camp

At this DIY Camp, have fun doing activities like 3D Doodling, making a roller coaster for a maximum time travel challenge, an electrobuzz game and a smoke cannon to knock down a stack of cups.

5 Day Camp – 2 Hours a day
Age Group: Grade 4 to Grade 7