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The DIY culture is an important revolution today. DIY culture is breaking the monotony of mass produced products. It’s time we are proud of the maker in us.  There is no greater joy than flaunting your own creation.

What is a DIY culture?

The DIY culture is a deep connection with the things that surround us and their usefulness for day to day living.  Simple projects that can be created easily without having to use complicated processes.


What are the outcomes of DIY ?

DIY  activities and processes reflect your personality. DIY is a maker culture that discovers simple processes to generate outstanding projects of great utility.

It discovers the maker in you and encourages you to take up challenges to create useful objects. You can learn faster from hands-on experience.


What are the DIY workshop benefits?

Individuals get associated with like minded DIYers. Share ideas and exchange experiences in making.

Self reliance to make viable projects and freedom to create independently.


Who can join the DIY workshop?

Anyone who wants to create. All you need is an idea that will lead to a project you can call your own. DIY projects could be useful anywhere at home, office, school, public places.