Join the caravan of curiosity with a special Internship program. Internship is a unique platform to get acquainted with the world of innovation. With the right mentor and guidance, internship paves way for observation, ideating and creating.

Who can become an Intern at Curiosity Gym?

You can be a school or college student, graduate, gap year student or just anyone wanting to spend time innovating. Want to work on something substantial or socially relevant to increase your experience and strengthen your statement of purpose when you apply to college? Visiting India during your summer/winter vacations and want to work on a useful project?  Foreign students visiting India from abroad and wanting to do an internship in Mumbai are also welcome to apply.  

Do you need to have special qualifications?

The only requirement is a curious mind ready to ask questions.As long as you want to passionately learn, can put in the time and experiment with ideas and work individually without much supervision as well as work n a team when requested, we would love you to apply to learn more about you and look at fit for our current openings/projects.

What topics are covered?

STEAM topics covered are 3D Printing, Introduction to design, CAD, Basic and advanced electronics, Mobile App development, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and coding languages like Scratch and Python.

What are the outcomes of internships?

There are a plethora of outcomes. To name a few:

  • Ideal platform for unleashing creativity
  • Mentee exposed to explore, learn and  make
  • Improved technical skills
  • Helps connect with like-minded makers and inventors
  • Confidence building and nurturing of creative instincts
  • Help in building future academic credentials like strengthening your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for overseas higher education