Curiosity Gym is a place for people of all ages to allow for sparking of one’s own curiosity through applied learning, tinkering, prototyping or making.

The Gym offers a shared learning environment for all ages through workshops, talks and fun projects that anyone can participate in.

One can attend a variety of workshops or free talks and also participate in some ongoing activities or projects like building a gesture controlled clock, taking and making a 3D selfie, help make a book shelf, build and enhance a Mars rover or many other projects. You can also learn to design and 3-D print a building, vehicle or home decoration or 3D doodle your own mask or spectacle or woodwork. The schedule of workshops is posted on our Events page.

So whether you are a school student needing some help on a project, keen to learn why or how something works or wanting to build your own device/drone/other cool gadget, a college student looking to find your career by meeting with people who have done something in your prospective field of interest or an entrepreneur looking for mentoring help on design, manufacturing or organisational scaling, or a adult or senior citizen looking to learn something new and to meet interesting people, Curiosity Gym is a place to come to.

While there are Gyms for exercise of the body, temples for religion and other organisations to find your spirit, Curiosity Gym is a place for you to catalyse your own curiosity and imagine your next question.

Meet the Team

Girish Nair

Girish Nair

Girish is Founder of Curiosity Gym. He has over 25 years experience in technology and management at various companies in Silicon Valley, CA and India. He has designed and managed highly automated systems at Intel, Webvan, managed the global Siebel Program Management team and been CEO at Netcore. Girish has a Bachelors from IIT – B, a Masters in Automation from Virginia Tech and done Engineering Management study at Stanford.

In his second innings, at Curiosity Gym he would like to create a platform for students, youth and adults to have fun while learning.

Jehangir Khajotia

Jehangir is an industry veteran in technology, embedded systems and the Internet of Things. He has been involved in R&D and a senior consultant at several organisations. Jehangir’s passion is figuring out How Things Work.

Rupin Chheda

With a background in Electronics Engineering, Rupin has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the past, has a Six Sigma Certification, and enjoys building crazy stuff. He has mentored and trained students for electronics, robotics and engineering projects as well. His interests lie in sharing and learning together with students on various topics like electronics and technology.

Carl Rozario

Carl is a physics graduate with a specialization in Nuclear and Particle Physics. He has taught Physics privately and in various coaching classes for students from schools to colleges. He is a Science Communicator and runs a Community of Science Enthusiasts called Science Hub. He has a strong passion to make science accessible and palatable for the general public especially kids.In his free time he likes to pursue his hobbies of trekking and astronomy.

Anuj Shah

Anuj is a graduate from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He helped in building a drone that could be launched from a 4ft tube for military purposes. He loves to build things from scratch. He is extremely passionate about planes, space, entrepreneurship, machine learning, AI and design in general.

He thinks teaching is the best way to learn.


Gowri Ramasubramanian

Gowri is a Computer Science graduate from BITS, Pilani. She has 8 years of experience in several Multinational corporations. She discovered her passion for teaching and education while raising her own children. Her aim is to get Computer Science and related fields into the mainstream and encourage children to aim higher and challenge themselves.

Rashmi Kaushik

Rashmi is both an educationist and a linguist.

She has taught high school, graduate and post- graduation students journalism and communication skills in 7 languages, for over 23 years. She is passionate about creative writing as well as developing business alliances. She is a regular contributor to media and magazines and is working on writing her own book now.

Ruella Rodrigues

Ruella is the rock behind Curiosity Gym. She keeps our Gym and the Hub in school, running like clockwork. In the midst of any chaotic event, Ruella, with her unflappable smile, fishes out an easy answer to resolve things quickly and without a fuss.